More FAQ's...

More FAQ's...


What should I do to buy at MAYS?

We suggested you travel to Panama and visit our mega showroom of more than 15 thousands meters, where we would be really pleased to assist you. Choose the merchandise that pleases you, transact the payment and the shipping.

It is possible to buy by mail or internet?

Yes you can buy by email but it is not the same. By means of the catalogues several characteristics cannot be appreciated than if you do it personally, feeling and observing the product. If you are investing a great amount of money we recommend you verify the merchandise in detail. It is not the same to buy a shoe Online, if it doesn't fit you, you just give it to somebody else, but if you purchases a container by mail and it's not what you were   looking for, who would you give it to?

Who are the clients of MAYS?

In the early 80's most of our clients were wholesalers, who did not require much; all this has changed, today our clients have many more specifications and requirements. Currently, when working with great multinational chains all our products go through a strict process of quality control; it is true that this elevates the costs, but in the end it is repaid with the satisfaction of our clients and the final consumer. Today, we have a great variety of clients located in more than 25 countries of the continent, from great chains of multinational supermarkets, department stores, to mom & pop shops.

What type of transportation delivery do you offer to transport merchandise from the Free Zone to the final destinations of the buyers?

In the free zone the following modalities of transport are handled:

  • Air Transport (Consolidated Flights Charter or consolidated)
  • Marine transport (It can be Containerized load or Consolidated)
  • Terrestrial transport (Only for America Centre)


Where can I research more from Panama and the Free Zone?

What airlines can I book to travel to Panama?

COPA (Copañía Panameña de Aviación) There are many others that fly to Panama, please check with your local operator.


What is the temperature in Panama?

To view the weather in Panama see page

Ciudad Panamá: Ver Clima / Temperatura
Ciudad de Colón: Ver Clima / Temperatura


Accommodations in Panama?

At the site Panamanian Institute of Tourism you can find the best options for lodging

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