How to get to Mays

How to get to Mays Zona Libre S.A


 Land Road

Corredor Norte ( North Highway )

Using the North Highway (the average fare is US$ 2.50 one way from Panama to Chilibre or viceversa) or through the Transístmica, you could get to the Free Zone in about 1 hour.
Car rentals is always a good way to get from Panama to the Colon Free Zone. There is a wide variety of rental companies providing 24 hour service at Tocumen International Airport. At Panama and Colon cities, most of them are open from monday thru saturday from 8:00 a.m. a 6:00 p.m and some of them are open weekends and holidays.
In case you already know Panama or choose to adventure, you can see a complete rental list, here.

Taking a comfortable air conditioned bus from the Express Line at Panama City newest and modern Albrook passenger terminal is another good choice. It leaves every 15 minutes in the morning and every 30 minutes during the rest of the day until 10:00 p.m.
Colon City passenger terminal is located at 14th street with Bolívar Avenue with departures every 30 minutes during the day, except sundays. Bus fare is $2.50 one way trip and an average of 1 hour. There are also regular no a/c buses and the fare is $1.25 one way.
Even if Colon bus terminal is pretty close to the Free Zone, it is not advisable to get there walking. Take a taxi from the terminal to the Free Zone.
Private taxis and microbuses offer round trips from US$ 50.00.


Panama - Colon Train

The railroad is a unique 47 mile journey that joins Balboa and Colon with available access points at strategic spots that allow two way traffic. Trains can operate continuosly from the Atlantic and Pacific intermodal terminals with a capacity of 10 wagons each way every 24 hours, and the availability to raise up to 32 daily trips.
Aside cargo transportation, Panama Railroad offers passenger transportation services between Panama and Colon.
Is it a vital connection between both cities and maybe one of the most attractive touristic routes in the world. Passengers disembark at the cruise port of Colon 2000, at Gatun Yatch Club or at Pier 6 at Cristobal Cristóbal and can enjoy several tours and transportation to the Free Zone.



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