Corporate Social Responsibility

This year, Mays  Zona Libre celebrates 39 years of coexisting with the community of colon, stage that has led them to share with both locals and foreigners, who have day by day lived the growth and development process of this business. In gratitude, and as business with a Social Responsibility, from the very start we have provided for those in need, spreading the values that as a family have been taught to us. The commitment to our community drives us to safeguard the economic, social and environmental development, that will allow, now and in the future, for Mays employees, their families and Colon society in general, to have access to a dignified existence, a better quality of living and a clean and protected environment. That is why on June 24, 2008 we celebrated the first meeting of volunteer employees and created the CSR committee integrated by 10 people, by 2009 it grew to 20 volunteers.

The purpose of this committee, is for Mays, as one of the leading businesses in Colon Free Zone, is to develop actions of impact in the community and it is then, that the mission and vision of the program is born, as well as the values that will govern and the objectives and purposes that we will work for. It is a committee of joining both the employees and the community, allowing us to diligently channel their petitions and needs.  

To encourage the social responsibility, with the commitment of the whole business, to work for the economic, social and environmental development that will allow, now and in the future, for May
s employees, their families and Colon society in general, to have access to a dignified existence, a better quality of living and a clean and protected environment.

To become an renowned business in the province of colon as well as locally, developing high impact programs that will generate opportunities that will contribute the integral growth of the citizens; keeping the voluntary commitment of the business to solve social challenges.


- To serve the society as development agents in the communities, giving back part of the profits, through charity and social activities to improve the quality of life.
- To channel every donation made by the company through the charity committee.

- To make public knowledge of the activities, campaigns or charitable programs carried out.
We will also consider, that once we have fulfilled the purposes and development of the activities, we will be able to accomplish that the businessmen will emulate our course of action to have the benefits reverted to the province of Colon.


Support to school for the students to learn the operational management of the businesses.

Support to schools, universities and education entities in providing good choices to the student so that they can execute their professional practice.

Support in Campaigns in favor of Cancer patients (Susie Thayer Marathon).

Support in the Pink and Light Blue Ribbon Month.

Support in Wheel chair donations.

Financial support to the Employees in case of Emergency.

Support to our Employees in obtaining their academic titles.

Support to IPER ( Panamanian Institute of Radio Education) in donations on their activities.

Foundation support

Support to athletes inside and outside the business.

Support to the Business and Profesional Association of Panama

Computer donations to Instituto Santa María de Belén, Escuela Primaria Santa Rita Arriba, Pastoral de Medios de Comunicaciones and Santuario Jesús de Nazareno of Portobelo, both located in Colon-Guna Yala.

Donation of health and life quality items and equipment (crutches, canes, wheel chairs, chamber pots, walkers, etc.)



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