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May's aims to offer the best products found on the market for any type of warehouse, supermarket, department store and hardware store.

Colon Free Zone

We are currently one of the most prestigious business and foreign trade centers in Latin America. We present a series of competitive advantages difficult to match with its wide range of products, financing, dispatch and immediate delivery.

The management of competitive prices and its strategic location in the Colon Free Zone in Panama, makes us be considered one of the largest “ One Stop Shop ” on the continent. More than 10,000 containers are mobilized annually.


The space dedicated to its clients has a showroom without comparison in the region. Located in the heart of international trade, May’s is seen as the most reliable option, where you find endless different categories of products and receive your merchandise in a short time.

At May’s, the customer can see the product and try it; The assistant manager, Solly Chreim, sums it up clearly: “To buy what I have here, in China you have to go to 2,000 factories.”

Financial Strength

Having a muscular financial arm allows May´s to carry out large-scale operations; But most importantly, it is also able to leverage the transactions of its most loyal customers, offering them commercial credit possibilities of 90 to 120 days.

In this way, buyers who go to May’s have the possibility of reducing the risk of jeopardizing a company’s cash flow as a result of purchasing the merchandise.

Prompt Delivery

It all begins with the operation in China, where the company has offices and works with more than 500 factories to bring 95% of the merchandise to Panama. So May’s can maintain an efficient sales, distribution and organized storage operation.

Good Prices

The business is based on the volume of products handled. For such a successful operation, items are changed every three months. The price savings show a customer that when they buy their merchandise at May’s, they receive immediate dispatch.

Strategic Place

May’s location in the Panamanian Free Trade Zone has 400 hectares free of tax burdens. The magnitude gives you the possibility to offer a client a delivery in port in a maximum of 21 days. In addition to having four port terminals a few meters from the distribution center, it does not matter if the end customer is in the Atlantic or the Pacific, since the products will arrive on time and in excellent condition, from the north entrance of the Interoceanic Canal.

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